We had the pleasure to meet Jonny Mahon almost a decade ago and have been very impressed from the very beginning by his professionalism and heartfelt passion and focus on the quality care for our horses.


Jonny’s extensive experience in the equine industry has supported us and has been an amazing partner through every step of our daughter’s journey in becoming a confident and successful rider, competitive show jumper and equine athlete.


Jonny has excellent skills to guide the developmentof young horses into strong athletic competitors, as well as any rider with the perfect mix of safety, focus, professionalism and fun.


His schedule is always flexible with a very friendly atmosphere and supportive with the right mix of being challenging and educational.


We can highly recommend JM TRAINING to any riders and horses who want to move on and are looking for excellent training, coaching and development.


      - Evelyne & Urs Ribary

Jonathan Mahon is a fine equestrian. Jonathan operates with capability, ethics and integrity. I have referred several clients and horses to Jonathan over the years, and I’ve done so with the full confidence that he would do thorough correct job, and operate with the values that are so critical to an equine business. It’s without hesitation that I can recommend Jonathan as a rider, teacher and professional horseman.

      - Brian Morton

Jonny was recommended to me as trainer 2 ½ year ago by Cobblestone Farm, it’s been a great ride and I’m looking forward to many more: Jonny is a great rider and instructor.


Some riding instructors focus on how to make the horse perform at its best. Some instructors focus on how to make the rider more accomplished. Jonny does a combination of both that I find to be both educational and fun. I feel like my horse is becoming more balanced and responsive through skill building exercises and a comfortable environment. With an emphasis on routine and building on the basics, I have become a more skillful rider who understands how my actions as a rider are directly connected to my horse’s performance. Lessons are tailored to the needs of both horse and rider, leaving me feeling like I have learned something new and my horse has too! More than anything, I ride with no feeling of judgment or disappointment. Jonny has a way of showing you what you’re capable of and supporting you in order to help you achieve your best.

      - Jesper Christensen